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How to Plan a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Christmas

Written By Rich Sutherland

On 11 Sep, 2023

Christmas is on the horizon and shops are already filling their shelves with festive decorations and a wide range of gift ideas. Though it may seem quite far away, it’s always good to be prepared and also have a think about how you can celebrate the season in a more sustainable way. Here are a few ideas for making your Christmas eco-friendly by adopting green thinking and making a few small yet powerful changes.

Should I get a plastic tree?

We’re starting with the big question that many people ask when it comes to Christmas and sustainability. Though everyone knows that plastic usage needs to be reduced, many believe that a plastic Christmas tree is the best option because it can be used over and over again. However, choosing a real tree is actually better for the environment, as areas are reserved by landowners specifically for the growing of evergreen conifers. Meanwhile, when more people choose real trees for Christmas, the demand for the production of fake varieties will decrease.

Eco-friendly decorations

You can decorate your Christmas tree in a sustainable way by finding natural elements such as pinecones, mistletoe and holly. It’s also a nice idea to get the whole family involved by creating your own decorations out of card and wood, which will make your tree look truly unique. If you’re adding lights, make sure to go for the energy-saving LED type and don’t leave them on overnight.

Sustainable gifts

A big way to have a more sustainable Christmas and eco-friendly life in general is to buy from local, independent shops. This comes with many benefits, as you’ll be supporting a small business owner and your local economy whilst minimising packaging and transportation. You could also look for gifts that are organic, homemade or reusable, or perhaps buy a loved one an experience gift such as theatre tickets or a spa day.

Environmentally conscious wrapping

Gift wrap that contains plastic is a major source of pollution and causes huge volumes of unnecessary waste. That’s why Hansel has a wide range of plastic-free, recycled and recyclable gift wrap available, as well as sustainable twine, gift tags, paper tape and ribbon. All of our products are designed and manufactured right here in the UK, which keeps our carbon footprint very low and makes it easy for you to choose sustainable gift wrap for every occasion.

Eat, drink and be merry the sustainable way

When it comes to the food and drink that you’re treating yourself to over the Christmas period, try to buy locally sourced ingredients and organic foods. Meanwhile, properly storing food and planning meals in advance are an effective way to reduce food waste, plus steering clear of disposable plates, cups and utensils will help you to plan greener parties and family get-togethers.

Give a little to charity

They say that Christmas is a time for giving, so why not donate a little money, time or items to a local charity? Foodbanks are always looking for non-perishable products to give to those who need support, plus there are plenty of charities championing environmental conservation that would be very grateful of a monetary donation. We recommend RPSB, Woodland Trust, Soil Association, Friends of the Earth, Keep Britain Tidy, The Wildlife Trusts, Surfers Against Sewage, and Rewilding Britain, to name just a few.

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We’re dedicated to helping you live a more sustainable lifestyle in an easy and affordable way. For inspiration, take a look at our plastic-free recycled and recyclable gift wrapping products in our shop.



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