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Eco-Friendly Animal Print Wrapping Paper

Looking to add a touch of wild and vibrant charm for your gifts? Then look no further than Hansel’s selection of animal print wrapping paper here to suit your gift wrapping needs. Whether you’re searching for animals, jungle themed, paw patterns or leopard print wrapping paper, our collection is guaranteed to meet your needs, for animal lovers alike! Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, baby showers and special occasions, show your loved ones you care by creating a unique and eye catching gift presentation!

Here at Hansel we pride ourselves in being environmentally conscious. That’s why all our gift products are 100% eco friendly, so you can be confident that you’re making a decision that benefits the planet when shopping with us. If you’re an animal lover then this will be an ideal addition to your gifts and is bound to be the best present they have ever received. Explore our collection of animal wrapping paper and take your gift wrapping to the next level!


Uses Of Animal Wrapping Paper


There are many uses of animal print wrapping paper, as this choice is suitable for a wide range of occasions. Whether you’re shopping for birthdays, weddings or a baby shower, our variety of designs is guaranteed to set your gifts apart from everyone else. If you’re shopping for someone who is a well known animal lover, then our selection of wrapping paper will be an ideal choice and will be guaranteed to make your recipient happy on their special day. There are many occasions where animal wrapping paper is suitable, so why not try our collection at Hansel? Where you’re bound to give them their favourite present.


Animal Print Wrapping Paper For Birthdays


Celebrate birthdays in style with our collection of animal wrapping paper. Choose your recipient’s favourite animal and create a quirky gift presentation. Even better is they have a pet; decorating their present with images of their favourite furry friend is a fantastic way to make them happy on their special day. 


Birthdays are wonderful celebrations, giving you the chance to spend time with your loved ones, and showing them you care by giving them a thoughtful gift. Taking time to select the most appropriate wrapping paper decorated with images of their favourite animal, is a unique and appreciative way you can show your loved ones that you care. Birthdays aren’t just for humans. If you have a furry companion, wrapping their favourite chew toy, treat or ball in our animal wrapping paper is a fun way to appreciate your pet! Our selection of animal wrapping paper is a great fit for this very occasion. 


Animal Christmas Wrapping Paper


Animal print wrapping paper is even appropriate for wrapping Christmas gifts! Suitable for stylish individuals who love unique gift decor and a luxurious presentation. If you are wrapping gifts for someone who adores all things quirky, then this is a unique gifting idea for those who want to put a different spin on a traditional feminine gift wrap. 


Celebrate the joyful season with animal Christmas wrapping paper. With the addition of festive critters, create a cute and playful charm to every gift you give this holiday season. If you know someone who loves animals then this wrapping paper is bound to put a smile on their face on christmas morning. With the addition of ribbon, you can take your gift decorations to the next level and make your christmas gifts look ever more luxurious. Shop our range of gift wrapping products at Hansel, and improve your gift presentations this Christmas.


Animal Wrapping Paper For Baby Showers


Animal wrapping paper is a popular option for baby showers, decorating your gifts with cute animals is the perfect option for this very occasion! Our extensive range of animal print wrapping paper screams baby shower and will be the perfect finishing touch to your baby gifts. Decorating your presents with cute, furry animals will much be appreciated and will take your gift wrapping to the next level. You can choose to solely use this wrapping paper on its own or you can opt to decorate your presents with bows, ribbons or twine to add that extra detail and make your gifts really pop. Either way you won’t disappoint at the baby shower with this selection of animal wrapping paper you will be sure to impress everyone at the party!


Leopard Print Wrapping Paper


One eye catching variation of our range of animal gift wrap, is our collection of leopard print wrapping paper. A stylish option for all those people who absolutely adore all things animal related and are in touch with their feminine side. Leopard print is a classic staple and what better way to endorse this timeless pattern than to give a gift wrapped with leopard print wrapping paper. Your present is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd with this unique choice and your recipient is bound to love it! Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, a christmas present or even Valentine’s Day, our selection of leopard print wrapping paper will create a gift that will sure to be loved on the special occasion!


The Benefits Of Choosing Our Eco Friendly Animal Wrapping Paper


Our range of animal wrapping paper is 100% eco friendly, so you can rest assured that by choosing our animal print wrapping paper you are guaranteed to be making a sustainable choice for the planet. All of our products are biodegradable or recyclable, making us a green option for all of you who are eco conscious.


Our designs are crafted with care, so you can create a gift that’s memorable with our beautiful patterns you’re bound to execute a gorgeous gift presentation, setting you apart from everyone else.If you want to give the perfect gift, then look further. Choosing Hansel, you will be guaranteed to give a present that your recipient won’t forget, whether it’s a wedding, birthday or baby shower. Whatever the occasion, Hansel will create a memorable experience for your recipients.