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Our Stunning Range Of Recycled Paper Tape

When you want to make sure that your gift is the most attractive gift for any festivity, significant occasion, or simply as a token of affection – our remarkable and adaptable range of paper tapes have got your back.

Our rolls of eco paper tape are available in an array of designs to cater to your taste and desired finishes. Ranging from striking and vivid patterns to understated and sophisticated choices like the classic brown paper tape, we offer options for every event and character. Additionally, our paper tapes are crafted with top-notch materials to guarantee that your presents are not only aesthetically pleasing but also securely wrapped.


Paper Tape for Birthday Presents

Hansel’s eco-friendly, recycled paper tape is a perfect addition to anybody’s birthday present wrapping routine. These simple but vibrant plastic-free alternatives mean that you can not only add a little more zing and flair to your gift but also cut out those harmful mass produced plastics found in normal sticky tape. 

Whether you’re choosing one of our cute prints for a child’s birthday or a more sophisticated pattern for an elegant gift you’re giving to an adult, our paper tape adds a special touch to your presents. So go ahead, add a roll to your cart and take your birthday gift wrapping to the next level!

Paper Tape for Christmas Presents

Do you really get into everything festive once Christmas starts to roll around each year? Well, if you do, then there’s a good chance that you’re always looking for the next way to express your festive creativity when wrapping Christmas presents. With leafy festive designs to cute festive prints of Christmas Gonks – we’ve got a variety of creative and fun festive designs on our recycled paper tape – making it the perfect finishing touch to your festive gifting masterpiece.

When you use Hansel’s Christmas paper tape to wrap up your festive gifts, not only will your presents look more unique and special, but you’ll also be doing your part for the environment by using a sustainable alternative to plastic tape. So why settle for boring wrapping when you can make your Christmas presents shine with our paper tape?

Patterned Paper Tape

Conventional, plastic, see-through, and frankly boring plastic tape really does make a gift look so much more dull than it should doesn’t it? Well, we certainly think so! But surely, if you had the chance to use stylish, vibrant and elegant paper tape to add another creative level to your gift, whatever it is, you’d want to go that extra mile and show the recipient just how much you care – you would!

The best thing about our stylish range of patterned paper tape is that it doesn’t just have to be for your gifting needs. It could be that you’re just looking to jazz up your stationary kit and get crafting your arty creations with an added touch of patterned flair. No matter what you plan on using your patterned paper tape for, order a roll from us today and get busy crafting!

Coloured Paper Tape

Here’s another thing about the traditional plastic tape, it doesn’t give a crafter any chance to add more colour or contrast different shades when they’re either crafting or wrapping presents. But, with coloured paper tape, like our ever changing range here at Hansel, you can really get imaginative in the way you put different colours together in both your wrapping paper and the tape that ties it all together. 

Made from eco-friendly materials, Hansel’s eco-friendly paper tape is not only vibrant but also sustainable. So why settle for plain sticky tape when you can make your gifts and projects stand out with our coloured paper tape? Choose your favourite shade and add a touch of vibrancy to your next gift or project. 

How Exactly Is Paper Tape Better For The Environment?

It may seem obvious that because clear sticky tapes that we use for all kinds of crafts and gift wrapping contain polypropylene (a harmful and non-recyclable plastic) that they lead to waste which is harmful to the planet. But just how much of an impact does this have?

Well, for starters, millions of spools of sticky tape are placed in landfill sites every year and polypropylene takes hundreds of years to properly break down meaning it’s around for much longer than the gift you wrapped or the person you gave it to ever will be. As well as this, sticky tape makes up a significant portion of the plastic which eventually ends up in our oceans, it is thought that in 2021 over 5.25 trillion macro and micro plastics were found in the sea and when using sticky tape you may be, unknowingly, contributing to this harm of marine life.

However, when you use the recycled tape we manufacture in Britain, you’re purchasing paper tape that is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly. This means that it’s not only safe to be recycled but it is also sourced from recycled materials helping us cut waste and reduce the impact that plastics like polypropylene have on the planet. 

Paper Tape Is Also Much Better For Gift Wrapping & Other Crafting

Here’s the thing about mass produced and cheap plastics like polypropylene, they’re not very durable and tend to be made from compounds that make them actually less suitable for the things we use them for.

However, paper tape creates a much stronger bond between parcel/paper and the tape itself. Think of how easily bits of a cardboard box tear off with the tape from an Amazon parcel that’s been sealed with paper packaging tape. This means two things for using paper tape. Firstly, you can get much smoother and tighter edges on any gift that you’re wrapping using paper tape and secondly, it makes paper tape much more tamper-proof. Perfect if you’ve got little ones who just love to try and take a sneak peak at their gifts under the tree.

How To Properly Apply Paper Tape When Wrapping Gifts

To properly apply paper tape when wrapping gifts, you need a good game plan that takes into account the various edges and corners of the present. By having one, you’ll be able to achieve a seamless finish, adding a touch of elegance to your gift.

Start off by preparing your materials; having pre-cut bits of tape in different sizes will save you time and make the process more efficient. To ensure the best results, use smaller bits of tape for corners and larger pieces for certain edges. This will provide a neat and secure seal, enhancing the overall presentation. When folding the wrapping paper around the gift, carefully press down the corners, then use a small piece of tape to secure them in place. This will help maintain the crisp lines and avoid any unsightly bulges. For larger edges, where the paper may need additional support, use longer strips of tape to create a strong bond. This will help the paper maintain its shape and prevent it from unravelling.