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How To Pick The Perfect Gift For Mum This Mother’s Day

Written By Connor Hewson

On 10 Feb, 2023
mum and daughter

Celebrating Mother’s Day is just one of the ways that we all say thank you to our amazing mothers. It is a way of showing our gratitude for her sacrifices and the unconditional love that she has shown us ever since she brought us into the world. 

Every child, no matter their age, wants to show their mum just how much they appreciate her every Mother’s Day. But often, this comes with a lot of pressure of getting her gift selection just right! Whilst Mother’s Day presents us with the perfect opportunity to give back to our mum, we want the gift we give to be just as perfect for her.

Naturally, so much pressure on finding the right gift on Mother’s Day can leave us questioning our gift choices and wondering whether or not we have got it right. So, what can we do to make sure we find the perfect way to say thank you on Mother’s Day? What checklist should we assess our gifts against that will make it the perfect gift for the woman who has done so much for us in our lives?

Well, here at Hansel, we’ve put together this handy and comprehensive guide on just what to look out for and factors that you should consider when out shopping for that perfect present this year! Take a look through, and with any luck it should set you on the path to finding her the best gift possible on Mother’s Day.

1. Consider Her Passions & Interests

It may sound somewhat cliché, but every mum is different. We all as people have different interests, hobbies and passions in life, and our mothers are no different. So whilst shops may be full of chocolate selection boxes and flowers, what is there that you can make more personal to your mum than these “Hallmark holiday” pleasantries?

When you are looking for your Mother’s Day gift this year, there are a few ways that you can make sure to consider her interests and passions. For example; you can observe her routine, ask her friends and family for suggestions, reflect on shared memories, and choose a gift that relates to her favourite activities. Following these steps will be sure to show her how much you care and ensure she receives a gift that she’ll appreciate and enjoy.

2. Reflect On Shared Memories

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One of the joys of having children is all of the memories that you get to share with them as they grow. This is something that, for many mothers, becomes incredibly sentimental as their children grow and flee the nest. Being able to reflect on those early years and then into adolescence when your Mum becomes not just your parent but your friend makes any mother feel joy and happiness like no other.

So think back to those shared memories that you have with her. Are there places that you visited together? Perhaps there is a special edition of her favourite movie or book, or a special piece of jewellery that holds sentimental value because it has a specific connection to you. The best part is that, because of the sentimentality of these gifts, they can often be the least expensive but some of the most fulfilling for your mum on Mother’s Day.

3. Ask Her Friends & Other Family Members For Their Opinions

Often, we actually find out the most about our mums from her friends and our extended family. We all too often forget that there was a whole different woman that existed before we came into the picture, and by finding these quirks and interests out, you can potentially really surprise her with a gift that she wouldn’t expect you to buy her.

Gifts like these could be as simple as finding a band that she used to listen to and follow religiously in her own youth and picking up their vintage merch. Or perhaps, there were places that your Mum used to go and hasn’t been able to visit since becoming a mother? A nostalgia trip down memory lane would certainly make her feel that little more appreciated for certain. Whatever it is, there will be plenty that you don’t know about your mum which will help give you a great Mother’s Day gift idea.

4. Give Back Some Much Needed ‘Mum Time’

Restaurant Image

When your mum became your mum, she was well aware of how little time she was going to have for herself from there on out! Finding a way to simply give her this time back, even for a day, can mean the world and is certainly an incredibly thoughtful gift.

Depending on the individual needs and desires of your mother, you could arrange a special outing such as a matinee or dinner. If she is a mother of young children, offer to babysit for a few hours so she can have time to herself, or plan a surprise celebration with your siblings. Small but important gestures like these will show your mum how much you care and create a memorable and cherished experience.

5.Think About Her Practical Needs

If you’ve been reading the above advice intently and are still unsure on what will make the perfect gift for your mum this Mother’s Day, then turn your attention to things she needs. It’s no secret that when it comes to gift giving, whether it is Mother’s Day or any other holiday, it is often the gifts that help us out in our day to day that we end up appreciating and remembering most.

Think about what she uses regularly and what would make her life easier. For example, does she need a new handbag, comfortable shoes, or a kitchen gadget? These types of gifts not only show you care, but they also have practical value and can improve her daily life. Consider what your mother uses on a daily basis and choose a gift that will be both useful and appreciated.

So, What’s Next

Now that you have (hopefully) worked out what gift is going to make an extra special Mother’s Day for your mum, what else is left to do?  Well, you can start by checking out the different wrapping papers, gift tags and ribbons that we sell – all of which are sure to make that Mother’s Day gift that extra bit special! When wrapping your Mother’s Day present, why not try our range of craft scissors to make the wrapping process easier. Then, to go all out for your mum this Mother’s Day you could check out our other blog on the best ways to wrap your Mother’s Day gifts.



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