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The Best Gift Wrapping Ideas For Mother’s Day

Written By Connor Hewson

On 10 Feb, 2023
dachshund wrapping paper mothers day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s important to start thinking about what you’re going to get your mum to show her she’s appreciated on this special day. However, that’s not all you have to think about when making sure your mum will be happy with her present, you also have to consider how to wrap Mother’s Day gifts in a creative way that can make your gift even more special. 

It’s important that you put a lot of thought into all aspects of the present to ensure your mum feels special. Remembering to give back to our mother’s and show them that we care is always important, but especially on Mother’s Day. Which is why putting a lot of thought into all aspects of their gift is the least we can do to show our mums that they are valued.

After selecting the perfect Mother’s Day gift you should consider putting as much thought into how you’re going to wrap them so your mum feels appreciated on the day dedicated to her. If you’re struggling with ideas don’t panic. We at Hansel have got you covered! Luckily for you we’ve compiled a list on how to wrap Mother’s Day gifts, making sure it’s a day for your mum to remember.

Use Mother’s Day Wrapping Paper

One of the most simple and easy ways you can wrap your Mother’s Day gift is by using gift wrap that’s decorative such as Mother’s Day wrapping paper. Even though this is a simple technique it’s a great way to show your mum that this day is all about her, and highlight the occasion. 

It’s also important when choosing Mother’s Day wrapping paper to take into account your mum’s likes and dislikes so you can choose a pattern and colour that matches her personality and style. Another step you can take when choosing wrapping paper is to make sure it mirrors the theme of your present; paying close attention to the small details will really help to show your mum that you’ve taken the extra time with her gift and how grateful you are to her for everything she has done for you. To make wrapping your Mother’s day present easier, picking the perfect scissors is essential, why not try our range of craft scissors.

Gift Box For Mother’s Day Gift

dachshund wrapping paper mothers day

One of the useful gift wrapping ideas for Mother’s Day that you could use if you don’t know how to wrap Mother’s Day gifts (or just aren’t very good at it) is to put your present in a gift box. A beautifully designed and well crafted gift box can not only serve to contain the special present inside, but can also act as the gift itself. Gift boxes can come in a variety of sizes, colours and designs so there are plenty to choose from. You also have the option of personalising them by adding sentimental photos and messages inside, giving your mum an additional sentimental present that she will be sure to love.

How To Wrap Mother’s Day Gifts With Ribbon

Adding a ribbon to your Mother’s Day gift is a simple yet elegant way to go that one step further and make the presentation extra special. The choice is yours, as they come in various colours, patterns and materials so you have endless options to choose from. Tying ribbon round your present adds a little something extra while making it more unique looking. You can also get creative with how you tie the ribbon, whether you decide on a classic bow or a more elaborate arrangement, you can really personalise your gift. 

Adding Gift Tags To Your Mother’s Day Gift

Granted all mums are different, however Mother’s Day is the perfect day for mums to get sentimental. This day is all about celebrating them as a mother so it’s only natural that they  think about their relationship with their children. One great tip you can use this Mother’s Day is to wrap your gift with love by adding a personal touch. Gift tags don’t just have to be for writing the recipient’s name. Writing a heartfelt message or poem on the gift tags that accompanies the present is a great way to let your mum know how much you appreciate her. 

Adding Twine To Your Mother’s Day Present

image of twine which can purchased from Hansel

Whether you’re choosing to wrap your present in Mother’s Day wrapping paper or choosing to use a gift box, a fun way you can add a more creative touch is the addition of twine. Using twine to wrap your Mother’s day gift creates a rustic and natural touch that can be quite charming. They also come in fun and different colours so you can choose a shade that will match the theme of your present if you desire. This is an additional detail that people may overlook when wrapping gifts, but it can really set your present apart from others by adding something a bit different.

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping Ideas

If you want to add a personal and creative touch to your Mother’s Day gift, you should consider going down the DIY route. There are countless ways in which you can add personality to the exterior while making it look unique. One option is using plain or brown wrapping paper and creating your own design. Writing a personal message on the wrapping paper can add sentimental value to the gift, which is a sure way to make your mum feel loved. Another technique if you’re feeling artsy is to draw your own pattern, either free hand or using stencils to create a personal feel to your gift. Whichever way you decide to incorporate your own design, your mum will be sure to appreciate your thoughtful gift.

Choosing The Best Gift Wrapping Ideas For Mother’s Day

Making your mum feel special is what Mother’s Day is all about. Therefore it’s essential that not only do you pick the right gift, but you select the most creative way to wrap it to make your present even more thoughtful, and add a personal touch that your mum will appreciate. If you’re still unsure about which Mother’s Day gift wrapping ideas to choose from, at Hansel we have plenty of wrapping paper options, so you will be sure to find one that suits your fancy, and that is perfect for your Mother’s Day present.



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