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Eco-Friendly Dog Wrapping Paper

For all the dog lovers out there, we’ve got something that will make your tail wag. Our diverse range of designs, all barking up the eco-friendly tree, will help your gifts leave paw prints on the hearts of your loved ones. Whether it’s a birthday bone-anza, a Father’s Day fur-prise, a Mother’s Day mutt-erly amazing gift, or a Christmas canine delight, we have the paw-fect dog themed wrapping paper just for you.

At Hansel, we believe that every gift should be a treat, for both the recipient and the planet. Made in the UK from recycled and recyclable materials, every roll of our dog friendly wrapping paper showcases the love for our four-legged friends and our commitment to Mother Earth.


Common Uses For Our Dog-Friendly Wrapping Paper


Our dog-themed eco-friendly wrapping paper is more than just a pretty face in the crowd of gift wrappings. This beautifully crafted collection of wrapping paper is designed to connect with all dog lovers and their varied gift-giving occasions. 

For birthdays, it adds a joyful, familiar touch that speaks directly to the heart of the dog lover, transforming an ordinary birthday present into a delightful homage to their favourite pet. 

On Father’s Day, our dog wrapping paper adds an extra layer of appreciation for all the dog dads out there who know the joy of a wagging tail greeting them when they get home. 

For Mother’s Day, it subtly nods to the tender bond between a mother and her fur babies, making her day even more special. 

And at Christmas, it brings an element of homeliness and warmth that’s as comforting as your dog curling up by your feet on a winter’s evening. But it’s not just about special occasions. 

Even the simplest ‘just because’ gift takes on a new dimension of love and thoughtfulness when wrapped in our eco-friendly dog wrapping paper. Because it isn’t just paper. It’s an unspoken understanding, a shared love, a connection that every dog lover will appreciate and cherish.

Pick Up A Dog Wrapping Paper Roll For A Loved Ones Birthday

Do you often feel as though you’re playing second fiddle to a friend or family member’s dog whenever they’re around? Well, this might not be the worst thing, as surely by presenting them with a thoughtful and loving birthday present, neatly packaged ibn some of our eco-friendly dog themed wrapping paper will help them see just how well you know them and their pooch. 

Our designs will make any gift the pick of the litter, adding a little ‘ruff’ around the edges to make your loved one’s day extra special. And remember, age is just a number – you’re never too old for a puppy-themed birthday surprise!

Eco-Friendly Dog Wrapping Paper For Father’s Day

Let’s make the old man’s day even more special by incorporating man’s best friend into the celebratory fun! It’s the ideal way to acknowledge the unmatched bond between a father and his furry friend. 

Our designs capture the essence of the special moments they share – those long walks in the park, those quiet evenings by the fire, the games of fetch on sunny afternoons. Wrapping your Father’s Day gift in our eco-friendly dog-themed paper tells your dad that you not only appreciate him but also understand and respect his special bond with his four-legged friend.

Mother’s Day Dog Wrapping Paper

Celebrate the love and care that epitomises Mother’s Day with our endearing dog wrapping paper. When you think of your family home, you may well be filled with memories of mum and dog together. Well our designs are a sweet nod to those special moments that warm the heart – the gentle pats, the shared afternoon naps, and the quiet companionship that only a faithful dog can provide.

Using Hansel’s eco-friendly dog wrapping paper is a small gesture that speaks volumes about love, loyalty, and the simple joys of life with a dog. A gesture that we’re certain any dog-loving mother will be moved by.

Dog Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas, a time of joy, generosity, and love, becomes even more special with our eco-friendly dog wrapping paper. It’s a festive nod to the furry companions who make our holidays all the more memorable. With patterns that capture the endearing antics and charm of our beloved dogs, our wrapping paper brings a unique, heart-warming touch to your Christmas gifts. It’s like including our four-legged friends in the season’s celebrations, acknowledging the comfort and joy they bring to our lives throughout the year. 

So, as you wrap your Christmas gifts in our eco-friendly dog-themed paper, you’re not just preparing a present; you’re honouring the bond between people and their pets, and doing your part for the planet that we all call home. Celebrate this Christmas with a meaningful gesture that’s good for the heart, and great for the Earth.

How Our Eco-Friendly Dog Wrapping Paper Is Dog-Friendly Too

Choosing our eco-friendly dog wrapping paper isn’t just a walk in the park for Mother Earth, but it’s also a belly rub for our furry friends!  Our dogs, just like us, live in and interact with the environment we all share. A clean, healthy planet is just as important for them as it is for us. So, when you choose to cut down on harmful, landfill bound, traditional wrapping paper you help contribute to a less polluted world where our four-legged companions can enjoy their outdoor frolics without the risk of harmful waste.

But, more importantly, our eco-friendly dog wrapping paper is just as friendly to our four-legged friends. Because we minimise the use of harsh chemicals often found in traditional wrapping paper, we also remove the potential hazards to curious snouts and playful paws. By reducing these toxic elements, we create a safer environment for all tail waggers.