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Vintage Style Recycled Floral Wrapping Paper

Dive into the delightful world of Hansel’s eco-friendly floral wrapping paper and enhance the charm of your gifts while honouring Mother Earth. Our vibrant, nature-inspired gift wrap is our nod to nature itself, something which we’re so passionate to help preserve through encouraging people to make the switch to eco-friendly gifting.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dressing up a gift for Easter, making a wedding present more enchanting, or adding a sweet touch to a christening gift, our eco-friendly floral gift wrap adds the perfect bloom to what we’re sure is already the perfect gift.


Floral Wrapping Paper For Spring Celebrations

The arrival of Spring gives everyone a sense of rejuvenation and bloom. This time of the year is the perfect time to embrace our floral wrapping paper. Whether it’s for Easter celebrations or a spring birthday party in the garden, our gift wrap mirrors the vibrant beauty of Spring and the memories which you’ll be surely making with your celebrations.

You can even pair your spring-themed gift with some of our recyclable and stunning ribbons that help you create a more charming look. Or if you’re feeling really creative, you could even incorporate real flowers as part of your gift wrapping to match our beautiful patterns.

Whichever of our stunning floral wrapping papers you choose, you’re sure to be  embracing a celebration of the season of spring; giving a declaration of love for nature, and a commitment to sustainability along with your hand selected gift for a loved one.

 Recycled Floral Wrapping Paper For Weddings and Christenings

Weddings and christenings are significant milestones, each marking the start of a new chapter filled with love, joy, and promise for a couple. What comes with both is the need to give a thoughtful and elegant gift, and what better way to present this than with floral wrapping paper. These special moments deserve to be celebrated with a touch of timeless beauty and elegance that resonates with the occasion’s spirit and our stunning eco-friendly floral wrapping paper is sure to do the trick!

Our vintage floral wrapping paper range is designed to echo the sentiments of the cherished celebrations which are weddings and christenings, with patterns inspired by delicate flowers and bright, vibrant springtime colours our designs serve as a beautiful metaphor for these timeless events.

The use of flowers at weddings is a tradition that dates back centuries, and what better way to continue that tradition than by presenting your wedding gifts in our floral wrapping paper? Christenings, too, are moments of pure joy, and our floral gift wrap lends a fittingly sweet touch to your christening gifts. Flowers, in their purest form, symbolise the new beginnings akin to welcoming a newborn child, making our floral wrapping paper the perfect choice for such an occasion.

Floral Wrapping Paper For Those Who Just Love Flowers

When it comes to gifting, it’s the thoughtfulness that counts. Understanding someone’s passion and reflecting it in your gift, as well as the way you present it, takes the entire gifting experience to a new level and can often make your gift the most memorable for them. For those who hold a deep love for flowers, gifting with Hansel’s Eco-Friendly Floral Wrapping Paper can add a beautiful personal touch, making the gesture even more meaningful.

Birthdays, in particular, are an occasion to show people how well you know and appreciate them. Wrapping a birthday gift with Hansel’s Eco-Friendly Floral Wrapping Paper can make someone who has an affinity for all things floral love their birthday gift so much more. 

You can also use a specific floral wrapping paper pattern to reflect a person’s personality. For example, consider the symbolism of a spring meadow in full bloom – a theme that is featured prominently in some of our designs. The spring meadow is a celebration of life’s renewal and diversity. It represents resilience as life re-emerges after the long winter, and the beauty of harmony as a variety of flowers coexist and flourish together. Such a theme could resonate beautifully with those who appreciate nature’s cycles or who celebrate diversity and the strength of the collective.

Vintage Floral Wrapping Paper For Crafting

Are you having a spring themed renaissance with your arts & crafts hobby? Looking to add a touch of the blossoming nature around you into your next big project? Well, Hansel’s Eco-Friendly Floral Wrapping Paper is not just a medium for your imaginative endeavours; it’s a testament to your commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.

Many people use different wrapping paper designs as part of their crafting – after all, there’s almost a limitless number of possibilities when it comes to combining the different colours and patterns that gift wrap has to offer. However, the robust quality of our wrapping paper ensures it can withstand the rigours of crafting. Whether you’re cutting, folding, glueing, or even painting on it, our paper holds up exceptionally well, all because we use the highest-quality natural materials in keeping our wrapping paper not only eco-friendly but durable too!

What Sets Our Recycled Floral Wrapping Paper Apart?

Floral gift wrap, eco-friendly or not, can be found in many places. But why choose Hansel over the others? The distinction lies in the superior quality and the philosophy behind our floral wrapping paper.

Each roll of our floral wrapping paper begins its journey as recycled materials, carefully selected for their durability. These materials are then transformed, under careful supervision, into an eco-friendly wrapping paper that is every bit as sturdy and dependable as it is stunning and elegant.

Our eco-friendly floral wrapping paper, however, is more than just an environmentally friendly product; it is a work of art. Each design is inspired by the unparalleled beauty of flowers in their countless shapes, sizes and colours. Our floral wrapping paper is not merely a product, it’s a canvas that pays tribute to the beauty and diversity of nature.

And finally, what sets us apart is our commitment to not only being British made, but helping support local UK artists and designers. All of our vintage floral patterns are curated by local designers and artists, all drawing inspiration from the beautiful world of flowers around us. Each pattern weaves a unique floral story, turning every gift or craft project into a personal narrative of love for nature.