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Our Range Of Eco-Friendly Kraft Wrapping Paper

Discover Hansel’s eco-friendly kraft wrapping paper, offering a unique and versatile approach to gift wrap, suitable for Christmas, weddings, birthdays and more. Choosing our kraft wrapping paper allows you to add your own personal touch to your presents, showcasing your personality with every gift!

Crafted with care in the UK – our recycled wrapping paper is the perfect option for those who are looking for a luxurious feel while taking care of our planet. Whether you’re shopping for the best wrapping paper on the market, or you’re looking to get creative with a new hobby, explore our range of kraft wrapping paper and take your gift wrap to the next level!


Is Hansel’s Kraft Wrapping Paper Eco Friendly?

At Hansel we pride ourselves in providing eco-friendly, recycled wrapping paper to create a greener future, one gift at a time. All of our products are biodegradable, which means no harm is caused to the planet from purchasing our kraft wrapping paper. What makes kraft wrapping paper eco friendly is the lack of bleach and processing the gift wrap goes through in production, reducing the volume of harmful chemicals pumped into the environment. Therefore, by choosing our wrapping paper you will be making an environmentally conscious choice, and receiving a product that you can trust is eco friendly.


Can You Recycle Kraft Wrapping Paper?


Yes, our kraft wrapping paper is made to be a sustainable and recyclable alternative to traditional gift wrap. Free from being overly processed and bleached, you can avoid the harmful chemicals produced from plastic roll wrap. Our products are 100% recyclable or biodegradable, so with every purchase you’ll be making an environmentally conscious decision. At Hansel, we pride ourselves in being eco-friendly, so by choosing us you can be confident that you’re making the best choice, and putting the planet first.


Kraft Wrapping Paper For Birthdays


Celebrate with class with our recycled wrapping paper, a fantastic fit for those who love to put their own personal touch on birthday presents. Birthdays are the best time of year to show a loved one that they’re in your thoughts. So to ensure that you are giving the best gift, the choice of wrapping paper plays an important role in creating a memorable and visually appealing gift presentation. Wrapping the birthday person’s gifts with style is a great way to showcase your thoughtfulness. Why not choose our kraft wrapping paper? With its environmentally friendly nature, kraft wrapping paper exudes elegance that instantly captures attention, you’re bound to give the best birthday present ever! With Hansel, you can be sure that your wrapping needs are met with quality and style, so you can create a birthday to remember.


Kraft Christmas Wrapping Paper


Dive into the festive season with our kraft Christmas wrapping paper. ‘Tis the season of giving, and with our beautifully crafted recycled wrapping paper, you are bound to evoke feelings of joy from your recipients. You can choose to create an elegant touch with the addition of ribbon as a finishing touch to create a more traditional look to your gifts.


Not only will you be giving a special gift to your recipient, but you will also be giving back to the planet. As our kraft wrapping paper is 100% recyclable or biodegradable, you will be making a sustainable option and taking a step towards a greener future, and isn’t that the perfect gift this Christmas? 


Recycled Kraft Gift Wrap


Our kraft wrapping paper gives you a blank canvas for your gifts. Suitable for those who like to express themselves creatively when it comes to gift wrapping. You can take creative liberty and create the pattern you want, giving you the freedom to put your mark on the gifts, and our recipient is guaranteed to adore it!

Alternatively, if you prefer a more minimalistic approach to gift wrapping, then look no further! Kraft gift wrap is a simple yet effective way to show a loved one you care. With the simplistic appeal, you have the option to add your own creative flair with ribbon, twine or even a gift tag, by adding an extra finishing touch you can really tie the whole present together.


Get Creative With Kraft Wrapping Paper


Our versatile kraft wrapping paper is not only an amazing option for your gifting needs, but for arts and crafts too! When it comes to crafting, don’t limit yourself. Whether you’re getting your hands into a unique DIY project, or you’ve picked up a new hobby, our range of kraft wrapping paper will enhance your creative talents by allowing you to go to town on the gift wrap. The choice is yours! You can really get creative and utilise the blank canvas to create your very own one of a kind design. So unleash your creativity with Hansel! The neutral canvas of kraft paper provides the perfect backdrop for endless possibilities. Allowing you to embrace your inner artist and execute original hand drawn designs or intricate patterns with markers, coloured pencils or paint. You could even add a personal touch to your gifts by incorporating meaningful quotes, heartfelt messages or inside jokes that are guaranteed to be appreciated from the recipient.


So whether you want to purchase our kraft wrapping paper for your crafting or if you’ve got some leftover roll wrap from gift wrapping and want to utilise the product in a fun and original way, then look no further! Hansel is here to satisfy your crafting needs. 


Why Choose Hansel’s Eco Friendly Kraft Wrapping Paper


Making the decision to switch to Hansel for your eco-friendly kraft wrapping paper provider, you are not only making a more sustainable choice but you’re choosing luxury. We pride ourselves in offering high quality and durable products, to suit our customers gift wrapping needs. Whether you’re looking for the perfect roll wrap for Christmas, a birthday or for a diy project, our selection of kraft wrapping paper will not disappoint. Shop our stunning range of kraft wrapping paper today, and discover what we have to offer.