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Can you recycle wrapping paper?

Written By Charlotte Smith

On 18 Jan, 2023
scrunched paper

Do the Crumple Test!!


      1. Take an offcut of the paper and scrunch it up into a ball in the palm of your hand, closing your fingers tightly around it.

      1. Open your palm and fingers and allow the paper to unfurl

      1. If it remains in a ball – good news it can be recycled*

    TIP – Not every council accepts all kinds of plastic-free wrapping paper but the majority DO accept brown paper based wrap – what Hansels’ range is made from.

    Our vibrant range of shades of papers are made from brown paper too! It’s just been coloured to give it its unique hue.

    *There’s an exception to every rule. The vast majority of glitter and shiny coatings are not recyclable so even if the paper scrunches, the printing probably means it is no longer recyclable – sorry!

    All Hansel gift wrap is recyclable so you don’t have to worry when buying our products 😊



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